this weekend I got to love on a baby boy.

November 6, 2012

I think I may have loved on the sweetest, most content, happy angel of a baby boy over the weekend.

Jaden Micah Eliya

The entire weekend was so quiet (YES, QUIET) and calm with the new baby, Mommy and Daddy. He never cried unless it was just a little fuss that lasted less than a minute. He showed off his adorable dimples. Gave you deep stares from the corner of his eyes. He even picked up his own little head while sleeping on his tummy… seriously, at a week old! It was something to see and I loved every second of it!
Can't wait to love on him a little more on Thanksgiving weekend!!!

1 comment:

BriBrooke said...

That sweet baby's hair! I die! Love Love Love!

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