Love/Hate relationships.

November 21, 2012

Tomorrow is Turkey Day… aka eat way too much food day!
Every year it happens. We spend time with family, make excuses for stuffing ourselves and we enjoy the day. But regret it the next day.

This year is a little different for me. I’m in pain. Like, actual physical pain…
Typing this post is actually hurting my arm muscles and crossing my legs right now is causing some pain also. There is only one answer for this feeling……. YOGA.

Yoga and I have a true love/hate relationship.
I get to class and stand on my mat and I feel in control. I feel connected to myself. Connected to my heart that is yearning for an hour of peace with my heavenly Father. Connected to my breath that I use to push through the moves and not give up when I feel pain. Connected to everyone in the room that are moving and breathing with me. That's the love part.

Then the hate shows up....
The thoughts like, “I’m never going to do this again!”
“Why do I ever want to come here!?!”
“Just think of that WHITE dress, Cassie!!!”
“How is the instructor not sweating their face off?!?”
But somehow at the end of the class the love starts creeping in again…
I feel powerful and connected again and one of the most exciting parts of every class lately is noticing how much love is overpowering the hate. Some nights I hardly feel any hate at all which makes me want to give hot yoga a big sweaty hug and a peck on the cheek.

So tomorrow, on Thanksgiving, I’m going to allow myself to indulge a bit and not feel that bad about it because this little relationship I have with Hot Yoga will make up for that delicious broccoli casserole.
And peanut butter pie.
Mmmm, hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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