November 1, 2011

November is by far my favorite month!!! Everything about it is wonderful and I love it. Back in June I did a full well, almost full month of Happy Moments. I absolutely loved it... it really made you think every day about the little things that make you happy. After all, most of the time the little things are the important things anyways.  

I thought it would be fun to do another month of Happy Moments BUT have a little twist for this month. Since it is November I'm going to do a HAPPY moment every day but also express my thankfulness for it. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays so I should embrace it for the entire month!!! 

So, for the 1st day of November... 11/1/11 (which I thought was pretty neat) I am very thankful for my sweet friend, Jocie!! 

I'm thankful for her everyday but today while sitting at my desk working away, trying to make it to 5PM I got a text from Joc asking if I wanted to go to the "WWE Smackdown"? haha, I was a little baffled since watching men wear tight pants and try and kill each other really isn't something I imagined Jocie wanting to do but then I remembered that her brother writes for WWE (which also makes me laugh) and he was in town for the show. Which also meant he had some free tickets. 

So yes... I am thankful for my best friend. Thankful that she would want to watch grown men fight with me. Thankful for the fact that I will have an amazing time tonight simply because I am with her. I love her and I'm so happy she asked me to join her science lab group my senior year. My life would have been so different without her. 

I love you, Jocie and I am VERY thankful for YOU

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