November 24, 2011

To prepare for Thanksgiving I’ve been enjoying this verse….

“Give Thanks to God- He is GOOD and His love NEVER quits.”1 Chronicles 16:34

Such a lovely verse and full of truth. I love when I come across one like that… simple, to the point but so important for us to understand. Sometimes the simplest verses hit us the most.

This year has been so important to me. I’ve learned that the only thing I must be thankful for is God’s love and knowing His son. While at work today I was listening to some music on shuffle when one of my favorites came on. Everyone knows my obsession over the new Shane & Shane album but I’m still crazy about the oldies too!

During this past year I’ve learned what it’s like to sing this song and truly feel it. To express every word, really meaning every verse….
“Less of me is MORE of Jesus”….. “If I lose my life, I gain everything”….. “For to die is to LIVE”

All of that sweet praise is exactly how I have changed and grown during this year. I feel full of His love now, not my own selfish love and that is why I am so thankful! 

Just because I’m sweet and mainly because everyone should enjoy this song I am going to share some S&S love :)

use me, break me, waste me on You, Lord

ruin me, take me, waste me on You

for to die is to live...

to starve is to feast
and less of me is more of Jesus
Lord, i want it all
Lord, i want it all
if i lose my life
i gain everything
and at the cross
away with all death's sting
Lord, i want it all
Lord, i want it all

there is power in the blood
there is victory in Jesus
come in power, wash me clean
overwhelm me with Your presence
there is power in the blood
there is victory in Jesus
help me glory in the cross
help me find my gain in loss

 I couldn't find a video anywhere? You all should look up the song... it really is beautiful! 

I’m also thankful for my family and my friends… having a loving Mom that’s also my best friend….. my wonderful new job and the sweet people I work with every day…. My new home…. My sweet puppy.... yes, all of that is incredible but I am so glad I have my priorities in line for the first time. Life is good and I am so thankful for that!

Hope you all have pulled out your stretchy pants. I know I have mine ready!!! ;)

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Lady Apple said...

Happy Thanksgiving girl!!! Glad you stayed after the other night! It was great to actually get to catch up with you!!

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