Low Maintenance

November 2, 2011

Today is Wednesday... we've made it half way through the week!! Very exciting! Congrats everyone. 

Today I am so happy and THANKFUL for my devotional book. It's a funny story because I was unpacking some of the last set of boxes from the move that were full of books... random books that I just threw in a box to sort through later.  Then I saw a really old devotional book I bought years ago.  It's a day by day for a full year and it's for a "Woman on the go" which is very suitable. 

This book is amazing. Every single night this week I have curled up in my bed to read and it has been exactly what I need to hear and I can feel God speaking through every word and that is such a blessing. 

On Monday this was a part of the devotion: 

This is so perfect... and this is what I want to become. 

So for today I am so happy and thankful that I didn't chuck this book a few years ago. I'm also so happy that I am in the right place now to use it and learn from it. God's grace is simply amazing and I am learning more about His love every single day! 

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