One of my FAVORITE things...

June 2, 2011

is most definitely So You Think You Can Dance!  It's just amazing... the passion and love that people have for dance is beyond beautiful.  Every single year I'm even more amazed.  The latest season is starting and I get so pumped up every single year to see what new talent they will have and all the wonderful choreography they will have!  I've shared one of my favorites here before but I thought it would be fitting to TRY and pick my top 5 favorites.... so, were we go! :) 

Number 5 is awesome!!!  First let me say that EVERYTHING Kathryn dances is automatically one of my favorites since SHE is my FAVORITE dancer on the show EVER.  Why this one is on my top 5 is because the Cha Cha isn't even close to her main style of dance and she still KILLS it!!  It's crazy!  Plus, Ryan isn't hard to watch either... ;) 

Just an extra freebie because she's so awesome. haha

Number 4 has been one of my favorites for a LONG time and every time I hear this song I see the dance in my head I've watched it so many times... haha!  I love it!!  Her face at the end of the routine is insane, love how pure her emotion is! 

Number 3 is so intense and raw.  It's about addiction of any form and was choreographed by Mia Michaels which obviously makes it perfect!!  The emotion on both of their faces and the words in this song (Shout out to Sara Bareilles) are so amazing.  Kayla was definitely my favorite from that season! 

Number 2 was a hard choice... I knew what number 1 was going to be and the rest were all amazing so picking the second best was a toughie!  BUT this song was MADE for a contemporary dance!  Her face through the whole thing is perfect!!  This is just beautiful and I can't watch it without tearing up... they have such a great connection!

and because I should have done a top 10 here's another fave of Courtney's dances!  She's awesome and I have a HUGE crush on Mark, who was also seen in my number 4 pick!!! 

And my number 1 favorite dance won't work unless you go here for some reason???  It's such an amazing dance and the story is so close to my heart... it really strikes home for me because it reminds me of taking care of both of my Grandfathers when they were so sick.  I can't watch this and not picture them and that is so special.  It's amazing what a dance can do. 

Hope you all enjoyed my favorites and I can't wait to see what will happen this season!!!! 
Annnnnnnd Tomorrow is Friday!  YAY!!! 

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