Happy Moment 12

June 13, 2011

Sunday was a very happy day!  Started the day with a cup of coffee before church, then lunch with Peter and his Mom, watched a movie while lying down on the couch... and THEN I helped Peter brew his beer!  I've helped him with a couple of stages before but this was the first time I got to help him with the "Cooking" of the beer, or the first step.  Here are some highlights from the fun night......

All the ingrediants

All the barley... looks like a HUGE tea bag in 6 gallons of water

You HAVE to drink some home brewed beer when you make a new batch
(This will be Peter's 4th batch)

Cooling the beer down from boiling to 80 degrees in about 30 minutes

Almost there.... 
(I also love how you can see the tree in the reflection of the beer in this picture)

Add the yeast and stir vigorously... then put on the top and wait for step number 2

It was a lot of fun and spending time with my sweet boyfriend while helping him do something he loves is always a happy time for me!
Boyfriend + Beer = Happy Girlfriend!
Hope everyone else had a splendid weekend and a stress free Monday!  My Happy Moment from today was so wonderful... might be able to do number 13 tonight! 


Anonymous said...

how cool! Beer and my man makes me happy too :)

Cassie said...

yea... and you really enjoy beer after making it! It's a TOUGH job! Next time you visit I will bring you a bottle of "Sneaky Pete's"! haha... that's what we've decided to call his latest brew! ;)

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