Happy Moment 21

June 21, 2011

My first day went very well... besides not having a computer (should be available soon) everything else was great.  I think I will really enjoy this job and I'm so excited to start learning everything and completely dive in!  I also LOVED meeting my beautiful friend, Katie Ayer for lunch downtown.  I can't wait to do that more often!  After a quick drive home (SO much better than driving home from Spartanburg, woohooo!) I made it to the gym by 5:30 so I was sitting down at dinner by 6:45!  

The famous Eliya Salad... oh, so healthy and delicious. 


jocie said...

thanks for the invite to lunch ;)

Cassie said...

sowwy!! it wasn't planned, last minute thing! When can you go this coming week?!? We need to plan a weekly lunch date!

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