Happy Moment 25

June 26, 2011

Saturday was a wonderful Summer day!  Slept in... Got ready for a pool Party... played with a lot of kids... dressed up for some downtown fun... and had a wonderful night full of chilled drinks!  My friend Megan is visiting from California so Peter and I took her out downtown.  One of the stops during the night was The Trappe Door... if you haven't been you should definitely go!  Awesome beer and the food is great too!  We've been a few times now and every time we go we try something different and we've never had anything that we didn't like.  That's saying a LOT since Peter is one of the pickiest food snob's I've ever met... ;)  When you go try the fries... they have tons of dipping sauces to choose from and the garlic is the best!!!  Just don't plan on kissing anyone for the rest of the night, ha!

Stout beers are my favorite right now and this one was made with Espresso...
made me VERY happy

Megan... we had such a great time with you and I'm so happy we got to hang out!  
Napa Valley next Spring for wine tasting.  It will happen! 

Love ya, girl :)

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