pregnancy post // month three.

June 28, 2017

Weeks 9-12

(Weeks 9 & 10 I don't have pictures.... oops!
Week nine was at the beach, then week ten, I had a horrible cold!)

9 weeks: 
  • The morning sickness has switched to mornings instead of afternoons and nights. 
  • The belly has officially popped out and it's crazy how pregnant I feel this week!
  • Strong aversion to any kind of pork which is so weird because I craved it when I was pregnant with Solomon and love it in general while not pregnant. I hear anything pork and my mind is intrigued because I should love it but then my stomach feels awful and says no! 
  • Enjoyed the beach vacation and relaxing by the ocean while working on a little tan! It was so nice and so needed. 
  • Solomon mentions the baby randomly now and pats my belly. He even prayed for the baby once, makes my heart melt! 
  • We had the dating ultrasound and the baby was measuring at 12/30 and the heart rate was 169. 

10 weeks:
  • We told our exciting news to the world! 
  • Zits are still happening, which did not happen this late last time.... but neither did the nausea. Both super fun things to deal with, ha!
  • The nausea did leave during the cold over the weekend but decided to come back after I was feeling better. I guess I'm thankful that I didn't have both the cold and nausea at the same time. 
  • Chicken is a big craving right now, pretty much the only meat that I want to eat at the moment. 
  • Small meals are already important, or I get over full and feel awful and can't sleep at night. 

11 weeks:
  • My tailbone is already very sensitive and hurts if I sit for too long. 
  • Still pretty small in the mornings but I feel huge by night. 
  • Making time and finding energy for the gym this week and really glad, it makes me feel so much better. 
  • Nausea is still around, especially first thing in the morning and after I eat anything, and even worse after something sweet. 
  • Had an awful migraine monday night that blinded me for a couple of hours. Some sleep and a hot cloth on my forehead helped make it go away.
  • I get so tired everyday around 4PM and I have to take a nap, even if Solomon is awake. If he is, I turn on the tv and sit him on the couch beside me and lay down by him to close my eyes while he watches a show. If I'm driving I can barely keep my eyes open on the road, it's so crazy. 

12 weeks:
  • The nausea seems worse than ever instead of going away!
  • Falling asleep with Solomon all the time and Peter has to come wake me up when he's ready to go to bed. 
  • Stomach aches and some round ligament pain made things uncomfortable this week. 
  • Solomon not sleeping that great and waking up around 3AM at night has definitely made me more tired. 

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