Goals // 2.15

February 2, 2015

January Recap
1// Stay on track with this month's reading: I failed so badly with this. This month has been a hard one and a busy one so I didn't make time as much as I should. I also decided I wasn't going to stress about it and I know I will get back on track soon.

2// Clean the garage: this is half done so I'm going to mark it as a success. We cleaned the garage out a LOT and made room for a new, bigger car BUT I know we still have a lot of cleaning/organizing to do.

3// Pray through the Prayers for my Husband: still working through these prayers and I'm definitely not done but I'd much rather take my time and enjoy these daily prayers than add it to my checklist at the end of every day.

4// Start meal planning/grocery shopping: I'm happy with the outcome of this for all meals. Breakfast has been easier, lunch has been mostly good and dinner has been great also when we are home to cook. We've even been eating left overs instead of throwing them out once they go bad. We still have some tweaking to go before we really grasp this meal planning thing, though.

5// Complete the 3 Day Refresh: nope. Didn't happen, like I said - January has been crazy and busy so this is on the back burner for now. 

and for the month of love....
February Goals
1// Have a Super Bowl Party!
2// Enjoy turning 28!
3// Celebrate Valentines Day with a date night at home.
4// Begin sharing my Friday Five again.
5// Finally finish the bathroom renovation!


Lindsey Galabeas said...

Love that you are working through the prayers for your husband! I definitely need to finish that up for sure! Such a meaningful thing to do for your husband!

Cassie Lee said...

Did you have a super bowl party?!

CassieEliya said...

I totally agree, it is!

CassieEliya said...

sure did!!! It was so fun :) despite the terrible ending to the game!

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