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January 29, 2015

Making // our home ready for our house guests in March! I. Can't. Wait.
Cooking // a lot of Dijon chicken, I might share a recipe soon! 
Drinking // water, water & more water.
Reading // my bible less than I should, need to change that.
Wanting // Spring to come soon. Over this cold weather, like woah.
Looking // forward to February. My birthday month & Valentines, so much love ahead!!
Wasting // fruit, thank God Peter makes up for my lack of orange snacking.
Crocheting // nada. Gotta get started on something...
Wishing // birthday wishes very soon, only a few more days until February 3rd!
Enjoying // so much Gilmore Girls.
Liking // a LOT of almond milk with banana nut cereal so much right now.
Wondering // about how amazing Wicked is going to be in a few weeks with my Mom!! Can't wait for her to see it for the first time!
Loving // our new Subaru Outback!!!
Hoping // that the Patriots lose on Sunday! Grrr, they annoy me.
Marveling // at the way the chicks are laying more eggs already, amazing what a little weather change and extra sunlight can do.
Needing // to remember that people can see my eyes when I have my glasses on. They are not sunglasses, Cassie! My need to people watch and wearing glasses makes things so awkward when they catch me and I don't look away, and then I think... Shoot! they can see my eyeballs. 
Smelling // lots of cold rain lately. I'm so ready for Spring. Did I already say that?
Wearing // the same thing over and over, it feels like.
Following // so many fun businesses on Instagram. 
Noticing // how 2015 has been such a blessing already, so thankful!
Knowing // that the five minutes before working out area lot worse than the five minutes after I'm finished. The surge of energy and happiness I feel after a great workout is so worth the dread in going!
Thinking // about how much I'm going to cry during the final Parenthood show. I have last weeks recorded and will record this weeks, then I will sob like a baby while watching both back-to-back.
Bookmarking // pinterest ideas like crazy.
Opening // my closet to clean and get rid of things I never wear.
Giggling // at my friends... I'm so thankful for the people I have in my life, they make me laugh and enjoy life!
Feeling // super happy.


Emily Abernathy said...

Oh, Parenthood.... I just watched the finale tonight. It was beauitful.... I don't think they could have ended it better. Really liked this post!

CassieEliya said...

ahhh, I still haven't watched the finale because I can't imagine never watching a new episode again! haha!!! I've heard everyone say it was perfect though, it will happen this weekend. With tissues, of course!

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