Friday Five.

February 27, 2015

The past week has been a little weird. Home sick on Monday, feeling better Tuesday, feeling great Wednesday, two hour delay thanks to snow (even though it was supposed to be a FULL day but the snow let us down!) and now it's Friday. Feels like it should be Wednesday again for some reason? Either way I am excited for the weekend ahead.... hope you are as well! Here are some other things that excited me this week.

pretty tulips thanks to my Mom, she always picks some up when I'm feeling sick
but some how I never expect it, it's always such a nice surprise!

I learned this week that I love beets!! And beets are super good for you,
so I'll take it! A nice little salad mix from Two Chefs is always a great pick for lunch.

I'm sure I've mentioned this before but I love cereal!
Like, eating it for breakfast, snacks and dinner since this baby loves it.

Melted snow and fresh eggs.

But the snow looked so pretty before it melted away! 
Now I'm ready for spring.....


Megan said...

Hi Cassie! I found your blog through the 5 on Friday link up. I too LOVE cereal and could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! My husband thinks I'm crazy but there is nothing better than a big bowl of cereal.

Megan >>

CassieEliya said...

thanks for stopping by! Cereal is the best, and with a fresh sliced banana... oh man!

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

Oh! I love how pretty snow is!

Julie Hood said...

we got a 2 hour delay today, thanks to ice. are you a teacher, too? and my husband and i loooove cereal, too! i'm stopping by from the week's end linkup :)

CassieEliya said...

so pretty but not nearly enough!! Now I'm ready for spring :)

CassieEliya said...

I actually work for a bank, and was shocked that they gave us a delay at all!
Thanks for stopping by :)

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