Pregnancy Post // the past nine weeks.

February 17, 2015

Or for those of you that were once like me and didn't understand why pregnant women go by weeks, I also mean, the past 2 months. I'm so looking forward to tracking the weeks and months here on the blog with my pregnancy. I love following along with some of my favorite mama bloggers and I feel so blessed to share everything about my little one with all of you! 

This is my first time with all of these changes so I am excited to see all of the excitement ahead. I loved all of the love we have received on here, Facebook and Instagram. It just makes all of this even sweeter to know how excited you are for us! During the past several weeks I have been tracking some details so I can keep all the little things to look back on one day, and maybe this little babe will want to see these one day, too!

Weeks 4 - 9

Some questions that we have been asked

// were you trying? 
well.... yes and no. We were ready to start trying in January so we were a little relaxed about everything in December. I repeatedly told Peter that it would probably take several months and he always disagreed with me. I guess he was right after all. I found out I was pregnant on December 30th when I was only 4 weeks and 1 day. 

// how'd you find out?
I knew there was a chance so I was very impatient and started taking the early sign at home pregnancy tests since I stocked up on a few boxes. I had some holiday parties to attend and I knew that there would be some alcohol involved so I wanted to be on the safe side. I took a test on Sunday the 28th because I didn't feel "normal" and it was negative. I took that to mean that I was right, it would take a couple of months for something to happen.
Then a couple of days later, on Tuesday the 30th, I still felt really off. I honestly thought I might have had a UTI and called my OB to schedule an appointment. They weren't able to fit me in until January and they suggested going to my normal doctor since they could run the same urine tests. So, there I went and I told the nurse that there was a chance that I could be pregnant. She offered to run a pregnancy test and I thought "why not? I'm sure it's negative again!" After answering the normal questions the nurse stepped out to check on the test. When she returned to the room she had a big smile on her face and said "CONGRATULATIONS! Looks like you are pregnant!!" I almost fell off the table. I even asked her if she was kidding... ha! Also, turns out I didn't have a UTI at all, just extra sensitive and feeling off because of the pregnancy which seems to be common. 

// how'd I tell Peter? 
I received a bottle of wine from work as a late Christmas gift the same day that I went to the doctor. After my appointment I actually had to go back to work for an hour until I could go home. I was about to die... 
So when I left work I decided to give the wrapped bottle of wine to Peter and ask him to open it since I didn't know what kind it was. He looked it over and told me what it was. I replied with "well, looks like you might have to enjoy it on your own" as I pulled out the pregnancy test from the doctors office out of my purse. His first response was a big kiss which made me feel so happy! We were definitely both shocked but he later told me that he had a feeling since I had been so tired lately and he always thought it would happen the first try.

// how'd you tell others? 
We decided to tell immediate family and close friends pretty soon (mainly because I was so excited and could hardly keep my mouth shut!) but the best story of all is how I told my co-workers.
I had my first appointment and saw the little angel and heard the heart beat and was so excited. I went into work after the morning appointment and emailed one of my counterparts to let her know that she will need to cover for me more frequently because we were expecting. I told her my next appointment date and asked her to put it on her calendar.
About a minute later another co-worker came to my desk and said "congratulations!!!" I turned around really confused. He then said "You are expecting, right?" I was shocked and asked how he knew? He said from the email I just sent to everyone.........
I somehow sent the email to my ENTIRE TEAM instead of emailing the one person I meant to email. Funny now, but I was freaking out at the time. HA! I'm just thankful that we are all a really close team and feel more like a family, that made it much easier.

// are we finding out the sex?
I have always thought it would be so fun to wait until the birth but Peter was never a fan of that plan so it was easy to be persuaded. I still wish we could wait to find out beacuse I love the idea, but it is so exciting to find out and decorate the room. So yes, we are planning to find out at our 20 week ultrasound, unless I can change Peter's mind before then! ;)

// any weird cravings or aversions?
The weirdest one (which I mentioned in week 7) is mustard. The dream consisted of me eating a spoonful of dijon mustard and I instantly woke up and almost went downstairs to get a spoonful. Then I realized it was 3AM and that was a CRAZY idea so I went back to sleep. Bizar... also, I could throw down a huge BBQ sandwich with tons of mustard BBQ sauce at any moment. YUM!
There hasn't been anything that has caused me to hurl... thankfully! However, I've never been a huge sweets person since I'd always pick chips and salsa over sweets but anything that includes peanut butter and chocolate would always change my mind. Apparently baby does not agree with me. I thought for a while that it was any kind of sweets that would make me nauseous but I started to realize it's anything that inclues chocolate, which is honestly not a bad thing. Other than chocolate I havn't had anything really bother me, thank God!

I will be updating my weeks here on the blog after every month so if you like this kind of thing (you know, baby bumps and TMI pregnancy details) then you are in for a treat! Can't wait to see how the months ahead will go! We are so thankful for this wonderful blessing in our life!


amber said...

you are glowing! i am so, so excited for you and peter! y'all are going to be wonderful parents to this sweet bundle of joy.

Cassie Lee said...

So fun catching up on these!

CassieEliya said...

You are sweet!!! Thank you for your excitement!!

CassieEliya said...

Thanks, friend!!! :)

Wendi said...

Yay! As I said before, I'm so excited to see your baby grow and experience your first pregnancy with you via this blog. You sound so much like me when I found out. I was less than four weeks, had just told my best friend not days before that I was glad I wasn't pregnant (I was going through severe depression at the time...turns out God's timing is still better than mine!), and couldn't keep it a secret. I love the way you told your husband!

monalisa said...

I really enjoyed this post! Really happy for you both and good luck with everything! I am defiantley coming back here:)

CassieEliya said...

It is amazing how God's timing just makes sense even when we don't expect it! Love that so much... can't wait to go through this experience with all my favorite IG Mamas out there!

CassieEliya said...

Thank you so much!!! I'm really enjoying this new season and I can't wait to share the details!

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