Football + Friends.

February 5, 2015

I always tend to share my birthday with the Super Bowl and I never mind. It is the perfect excuse to have friends over and eat a lot of food and just sit around and watch the tv/talk all night. I also love the fact that people come over without gifts. I'm over the Birthday Gift thing now that I'm 28. I think my late twenties is the perfect time to make that switch to fellowship instead of things. I even "forgot" to check on several gift options for my mom so she wouldn't have anything to buy. (she still surprsied me with beautiful flowers at work, but that is perfectly fine with me!) So, football... friends... lots of food.... Husband's home brewed beer.... and hugs. Hugs are the best gift anyways, right?

Pinterest perfect dessert thanks to Laura!

amazing home made chicken bites by Cody (and Katie helped....)

Not pictured... 
the awesome chili that Peter made, 
the delicious (from scratch) blondies that I made & a group photo.
I'm still super bummed with how the game ended 
but it was such a wonderful night with friends!!!


Chelsea said...

That mason jar idea is so cute!

Sara Meireles said...

Happy bithday sweet

great pictures


CassieEliya said...

Thanks!! All my mom :)

CassieEliya said...


Renee Young said...

those mason jars are so cute!

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