Friday Five.

February 13, 2015

Things have been pretty quiet around here lately, oops.
It has been so busy the past few weeks and I hardly have time
to sit down and enjoy this space like I love to do. I'm hoping in the next
few weeks that will change! Until then, here are five things that made
me super happy this week! Hope you all had a wonderful week, as well!

cupcakes to share with my man thanks to a Valentines Cupcake Exchange party!

dinner and Wicked with these ladies was the best mid week night of fun on Wednesday.
It was my second time seeing the amazing show but the rest of these gals were newbies,
plus, Sushi & Fish Takos at TakoSushi was the perfect meal before!

hot chili with a cheesy cornbread muffin.
Joel's Java is one of my favorite spots in downtown Greenville
for a quick lunch or a cup of coffee in the morning for a great price!

my favorite cozy sweater and second day curls.

green apples and bananas are my go to snacks, recently!
A nice and ripe banana in the morning 
and a green apple for afternoons! YUM!


Laura Childers said...

Hey my cupcake made the blog!! :)

CassieEliya said...

YES!!! He said it was his favorite (besides mine of course)!!

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