my 28th.

February 3, 2015

Today, I turn Twenty-Eight! I thought it would be fun to put a list together
because we all love lists, right? And I love to learn more about people, all of the little things
that make them who they are. So here are 28 things that I know to be true in
my life while saying hello to year twenty-eight!

& of course party hats are always fun... ;)

1 // I don't really want gifts anymore. Just time with those I love.

2 // Life is all about perspective and trying to see everything with a glass half full makes things much easier.

3 // I am reminded every day how blessed I am to have married my best friend. He knows exactly how to make me laugh* and feel loved.

4 // September is the best month ever!

5 // The fact that I will never watch a new episode of Parenthood ever again has made me more sad than I ever imagined it could. I still haven't watched the last episode because I'm in denial.

6 // I really love sushi and I have my husband to thank for that. He taught me how to enjoy "real sushi" not just the fried and white sauce covered rolls!

7 // The only way I can get through cardio in the gym is by watching my favorite YouTubers most recent daily vlog, the SACCONEJOLYs family.

8 // Peter and I can never agree on TV shows to watch, but we still love each other.

9 // Going to the grocery store after work is always better when you decided to wear flats that day.

10 // I almost always forget my shopping list for the grocery store but I hate to keep a list on my phone. Hand written is always better.

11 // The ways that I am constantly blessed by our church is such an amazing gift. I'm so excited to see what the Lord will do with Grace Church and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

12 // It's probably not a good idea for you to bother me before 9:30 AM on the weekends if I don't already have plans. 

13 // The Bible can be overwhelming and scary, but so worth the effort.

14 // I always have awesome plans in my head for projects but then I get lazy. Those that truly love me and know me well, always call me out on this.

15 // I really like pictures. They are important and I love to remember pieces of history with a photo.

16 // I've always said I wanted five kids… now I'm thinking three would be nice.

17 // For the first time ever, I have several sets of different friends and it has been such a blessing this past year.

18 // I want to soak in 2015 as much as possible.

19 // I'm really happy that the football season is over.

20 // My wonderful relationship with my Mom only continues to get better with each passing year, it's amazing and such a huge gift in my life!

21 // Brunch is a wonderful thing, breakfast is not.

22 // I was spoiled when I was a child and for that reason I'm going to try desperately to not spoil our children.

23 // I can kill any kind of plant.

24 // No matter how much I want to cut my hair, I never should. I always regret it!

25 // Praying doesn't have to be hard if you think of talking to God like talking to the best friend you've ever had. He wants a relationship and desires to be wanted.

26 // Parties are fun and I can find any excuse to throw one. I've been told that serving is one of my best spiritual gifts and I love it!

27 // I have a feeling that 28 is going to be the best year yet.

28 // I am so, so blessed and thankful every single day.

*while working on this list I told Peter I was short one thing and he said, "you know that 15 minutes or less can save you 15% or more on car insurance." Funny man, always so witty & I love him.  


amber said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i am so grateful for you + your heart + your words. love you, sweet friend!

CassieEliya said...

you are so sweet!!!! Thank You! The feelings are completely mutual, love you back!

Kiki said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and celebrate it to the max. :) You deserve it!

And I loooove what you had to say about Parenthood (I totally had to write an entire post on my love for that show, haha). I am seriously in denial/shock that it's over, too! I finally caved in and watched the finale last Saturday and spent the whole time wondering why it has to be over. I just want them to make a spin-off or something because I love and miss those Bravermans! Let me know when you watch it so we can chat about it! :)

CassieEliya said...

THANK YOU!!! :) It was a wonderful day!
I did watch the final episode last night and it was absolutely perfect! The ending, the baseball game, the flashfoward parts, all of it! Just LOVED it and of course I cried the entire time.... I'm going to miss it a lot!

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