In The Word // October Study Plan

September 30, 2014

That time again.... here's the next month's study plan!

I wanted to share a little bit of my jouney with this bible study today.
Open up and be completely honest with all of you!
So, here we go.....

I'm the type of person that hates to get behind. I don't like to miss things in my schedule, and when I do I instantly want to keep missing them instead of catching up. This is a problem, I know I struggle with this but it only continues to happen. I honestly don't get it, why am I this way??

When I started the #inthewordin1year study, I started well! It was great, I made time and I was on schedule for almost the entire first month. Almost. Then I got behind during a busy weekend. Then that weekend turned into a week. I was dying to catch up but there weren't enough hours in the day. Finally I did and it felt good! Skip ahead to my Mom/Daughter weekend in Savannah and I missed every single day of reading for a full weekend. Then again, a weekend turned into a week and I had a LOT of reading to do before I could catch up again.

My sweet, and honest husband recently told me, "I make time for what I want to do...." Meaning, I make time for this space. I make time for reading other blogs. I make time for TV shows. I wasn't making time for His Word. It burns, right? When you realize that you are putting EVERYTHING ahead of Him. All the little things, (and some big things) coming before the biggest part of my life. The main reason for my life at all.   

Last week I was feeling defeated. I was behind in my reading and I truly cried out to God for time. I asked Him to give me the chance to catch up and present space for Him so that I could not deny Him. Later that night after dinner Peter asked if I would mind if he went to play some basketball with friends. This is not normal... he hasn't played basketball with friends our entire year of marriage. I almost laughed out loud when he mentioned it. I of course said yes, go! Have fun!!! While he was gone I snuggled into the corner of the couch and I opened my bible. I put down the phone. I turned off my random thoughts. I found my way back to Him. Of course it felt great. I felt lighter, more free, more secure.

It is such a wonderful thing to realize that my security is found in Him. Even on the days that I didn't make the time, I always came back to His grace and His love. It is the center of who we are as His followers, right? So it only makes sense to find that perfect security in Him and within our time spent at His feet. That night was exactly what I needed.  I kicked my butt in gear and ran straight for His lap. I found comfort there like I always do and I wanted to kick myself for straying away from it. But in those moments of pitty and looking down on my faithfulness I realized, just like I always do, that He is always faithful. He will always be here and for that I am thankful. He is here, and He will never leave. Amen, for that!

I hope you all are doing well with this study, but if you are not, I hope you find peace that it's okay. No matter how far behind you are, it only takes that one decision to open your bible and start again. Start where you left off and day by day you will find Him there in those pages. The pages are His love story for us, a true fairytale that we can beleive in.


Chelsea said...

I love when a new month starts, it's always so inspiring to start a new reading plan!

CassieEliya said...

I completely agree!!!

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