that time of year when we all become thieves but its completely okay.

December 19, 2013

This year we celebrated Christmas with the annual Girls Only Ornament Exchange Party which is one of my most favorite traditions during the Holiday season! Since this is the 6th year my Mom and I have had this party I think it’s safe to say it is most definitely a tradition. Every year is so special but this year hit a little closer to home since it was in my home! My first Christmas Party and I have to say, it was so much fun!!! I was a little nervous with the short amount of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas (and because of that rule I have - no Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving!!) but everything was perfect. Just the right amount of food… some spiked hot cider + glasses filled with wine, mingling, laughing and some stealing ornaments like they were made out of gold. The perfect night indeed!!!

lots and lots of ornaments!

the fab 6 missed their sixth member!


Thank you to all the wonderful women that came out to celebrate and take part this year! It was a great night and I have all of you to thank for that.

ps. I was also super excited to go hang my ornaments (I scored THREE!) on my tree this year instead of wrapping them up for safe keeping till I had a home and a tree. There may have been some misty eyes going on because I'm so thankful for everything in my life right now. Jesus is so good and I love to celebrate Him during the beautiful season! 

You can see some of the fun from last year's party HERE
I'm happy to say that I do have a new heart for Christmas this year.
Guess all those prayers worked...

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