December 24, 2013

Last year before Thanksgiving and Christmas I shared how I was feeling about all the changes that would take place this year. During all the plans, busy days and Holiday festivities I made a point to take things in. I wanted to prepare my heart for change this year. For the unknown and for all the firsts.

This time last year I honestly didn’t know what Thanksgiving & Christmas would look like for us as newlyweds. I had no idea where we would be living. I didn’t know who we would spend Thanksgiving with or where we would be for Christmas. It was all a big question mark but I knew that our plans would work out and everything would be fine. I didn’t worry about it.

Now looking back on this year and all the changes that took place I can see God’s hand in all of it.The way He gave us a Thanksgiving lunch with just us and our Moms. The way we get to spend Christmas with my family and New Years with Peter’s family. The way He worked out my vacation time just perfectly so we could do both. The way He meets us to answer our prayers and gives us so many blessings to be thankful for. All the ways of the Lord are amazing to me.

As I’m preparing for my first Christmas as a wife I want to take in all these moments. Realizing that some of them will turn into traditions & knowing that they will evolve and change over the years ahead. Most of all I want to be aware that the cause for the joy in our hearts during this season and every season ahead of us will be because of a King. A perfect Man that died for us. Giving up His life so that we could live. That is what Christmas is for. Him.

My favorite verse in my favorite Christmas song.
Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

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