Master Bedroom Re-Do // Part One

November 13, 2013

We got super lucky with all of the rooms upstairs in our home since we didn't have any serious painting to do. Just the master bathroom and all the trim/doors which is a lot better than the work on the main floor. For the master bedroom I was so excited about the creamy blue color on the walls. It was honestly the perfect color for all the bedding we registered for and the furniture that was graciously given to us by family members. Here are some ideas that I had for our future master bedroom...

all photos were pulled from Pinterst

After we moved the furniture around and figured out the perfect set up I was so excited to start working in the room. It feels like so long ago now since we have been living in the house for almost two months. I'm so excited to share all of the DIY fun that I have done in this space so far.  

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