Some birthday love for my friend Katie!

November 8, 2013

Today is a great day!! Today is Katie’s Birthday! Since I've made a tradition of sharing 11 Things I love about my friends on their special day I thought I would end the year with Katie. My last “Sister from another mister” to turn a year older in 2013, hooray!

1. her laugh. I love her laugh a lot.

2. she is most definitely not a stupid sheep.

3. i look up to her because she is a really GOOD person and it can be hard to find good people in this world.

4. our many voxer conversations full of stupid voices and completely crazy stories.

5. how she has forgiven me for not really liking her at first. ;-) 

6. her mad dancing skills, especially to N’sync’s Bye Bye Bye.

7. the way we always email each other with prayer requests. There’s something super comforting to know that your friends have your back and can pray with you about something on your heart.

8. our common love for One Tree Hill and all the fun we had in Wilmington on our girls weekend trip.

9. how I have grown to love her family and husband a whole lot. They are pretty awesome and I’m thankful to be a part of their life!

10. our little spend the night party on my bachelorette weekend… no air mattresses for Katie!!!

11. that she will always be older than me... hehe!

I can’t help but think about the first time we went somewhere by ourselves for lunch and a movie on a Saturday afternoon. It was a complete accident since the rest of the group had to cancel at the last minute but we still showed up. It’s funny to think back on that lunch now and realize how awkward we were because we had never been anywhere like that before, just the two of us… sitting in Atlanta Bread Company eating lunch. That moment will always be special to me because I know it changed our friendship forever. Once the uncomfortable “ummm, what do I say” stuff wore off I realized how awesome Katie is and how much I wanted her to be my friend and not just the girl I would hang out with if we were in a group of friends. Now several years later she is one of my best friends and I can’t imagine her not being a big part of my life. You are wonderful Katie and I’m so thankful for that slightly awkward lunch so long ago. I love you, friend!

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