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November 22, 2013

This week has been a long one. Not many exciting things happened. I've been fighting allergies and that whiplash of warm and cold weather always kicks my butt so that pretty much sums up how I've felt the past few days. However, it is Friday and that is something worth celebrating. I'm ready for this weekend and spending time with some people that I love. Here are a few little things that have made me smile lately.... 

the excitement I felt when I explained an important scene from Game of Thrones to Peter because he is a smart dude… then realizing that he just fell asleep and that’s why he asked what was going on. rats!  //  having a sweet friend tell me how much she loves this little space of mine. I didn’t even realize she read my blog so I felt extremely proud and joyful when she gave me that sweet comment. Thank you for reading, friend.  //  that little twinge of spastic happiness I feel when I walk around the house sometimes… its odd the moments that make me think, “man… I’m a wife in this home and I freakin love it!” which always makes me do a little skippyhoppy thing.  //  we finally decided on the picture for our Christmas/Wedding Thank You cards (my awesome idea by the way) and I can hardly wait to send them out!!!! After writing around 140 thank you notes of course. Fun stuff.  // walking back to work after meeting my mom for a lunch date and noticing all of the beautiful leaves up above.

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