November 11, 2013

I was talking to a friend recently about the blog world. Mainly about sharing Christ within your writing and how you can sometimes compare yourself to others that share the same heart for Jesus and the Kingdom.

One of the things that I find really hard is to not judge myself. To not measure myself to others and the way they write about our Maker and their relationship with Him. I’ve had those moments where I think to myself, “I haven’t talked about Jesus enough this week… I need to write something about Him.” But in reality I don’t need to justify my heart in this space. I know my heart, and I know that He knows my heart.

I do talk to the Lord every day. Not for as long as I should or as often as I should but there are moments in my days when I have a quiet moment with Him.
In my car while I am driving. Sitting at my desk at work. While I’m cooking or cleaning at home. Laying in bed before I fall asleep. I talk to Him so why do I feel the need to talk ABOUT Him so openly?

At church a couple weeks ago the pastor said something like this:
"Our job isn't to work toward the Kingdom, we are called to work FOR the Kingdom."

It hit me hard because that is so true. We are working for His Kingdom because we are already a PART of the Kingdom. Right now, in this moment everything I do should be for His glory. Not my own. Not for the views on this blog. And not for my comparison to other bloggers that I admire. For HIM.

This quote by Mr. Chan dug in pretty deep also:
"To be brutally honest, it doesn't really matter what place you find yourself in right now. Your part is to bring Him glory whether eating a sandwich on a lunch break, drinking coffee at 12:04am so you can stay awake to study, or watching your four month old take a nap." // Francis Chan

yes. that... that is what it is all about. His glory, 24/7. In my heart, in my head, at home, at work, in my car, on this blog. To glorify Him.

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