It's Tuesday.

October 16, 2012

and after a very exciting weekend I haven't compiled all that excitement in a new blog post but I do know a few things.... 

I have a wonderful fianc√© that I love very much! 
I have a mother, family and friends that are so excited for me!!
and that mother and a close group of girlfriends helped me celebrate last night! 

cheers to love because love is a great thing...
and I am so blessed to experience all kinds of love. 

Most importantly, the love of my Savior that will always support me and never let me down
the love of my family that He has graciously given me 
the love of my future husband and my future family
and the love of the amazing women that the Lord has placed in my life. 
All of this love is so important to me and I know I wouldn't be smiling in that picture without it!

after I can take a second to breathe I will share some fun from ACL because it was seriously amazing... I'm still tired from all the music, walking and amazing food! 
Until later, have a happy Tuesday and a high five to you.

1 comment:

Lynne said...

I was waiting for this blog....oh, but now, i have to wait for the

Thank you for your wonderful way with words. I look forward to each new blog! have inspired me to get back to my journaling. I will send you a link to my blogging, babbling posts.

I don't see you often, but i wanted you to know that i love you and am ecstatic for you & Peter! And hurry up with that next!

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