my best friends wedding.

October 8, 2012

I mentioned on Friday that my weekend would be full of a few things… fall weather, champagne, tears, boyfriend time, tears, pictures and did I mention tears…?

Jocie’s wedding weekend was so wonderful.
While we stood in the middle of the woods at an open air mountain chapel it was evident that God was with us. The entire weekend had His touch on everything. His sounds, His warm sun and His cool breeze, His changing leaves that painted the views and the love that was shared during the intimate ceremony. Because of all this my heart was full of happiness which of course made me eyes full of tears.

After the long weekend full of fun I was physically and emotionally drained so today has felt like a longer Monday than normal. With the very cold weather that has suddenly arrived I think a class of Hot Yoga was exactly what I needed. I feel refreshed and lighter after an hour of simply breathing and being me. Sometimes a long Monday is just what you need after a wonderfully hectic weekend and I know this weekend will be the same way……. more on that later though. I can’t wait to share!! :)
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend full of love and maybe some happy tears too…

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