It's the little things.

October 25, 2012

Sometimes life can become so hectic and busy that you have those weeks that just fly by. Before you know it 14 days have gone by and you know some special things have happened but it’s all a blur. When you look back at the memories some big things pop in your head but the little things are there too.

the goose bumps you get on your arms when you listen to a song that you’ve never heard before but somehow it feels like you could have written it // the tears that fill your eyes when you see the happiness on someone’s face when they come up from under the water after being baptized, that moment will always get me // while sitting at a bar with your favorite person on a Fall day, he leans over and whispers “leaves are falling outside” because he knows that’s your favorite thing about Fall

Personally, the little things are my favorite....

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