just a little love note.

October 13, 2012

I've been patiently waiting for quite some time to share this post with all of you…
that picture above was the first picture Peter and I had taken of us. ever.

that was before I knew how funny this man was
before I was a redhead
before he was my boyfriend
before both the break ups… and before we got back together
before all of our many sushi dates
before we realized how different we are
and before we realized that makes us even better
before we got comfortable
before we understood what love was
before we changed our focus on Him and not on us
before we became a we at all

the past 4 years have been so important to make us who we are.
who we are separately. and who we are as one.
it helped us realize that God's timing is the best timing. 

I am more thankful for this man every single day…
Thankful that he is the other half to my favorite “we”.
…and so thankful that I am going to marry this man.

It’s official!! OH MY! He’s going to be my HUSBAND. 
It’s been a long time coming but I wouldn’t change a single thing.
I love you so much, future husband of mine, so so much!!!

more exciting news to come! xo

1 comment:

Alesha said...

Congrats! Your ring is beautiful! (Instagram)
Alesha <3

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