see you later...

July 30, 2012

I always prefer to say "see you later" instead of "goodbye" when someone is moving away... 
it just seems much less permanent. On Friday night I enjoyed some girl time with two of my favorite 
women that are sadly moving away from Greenville. 
Laura is moving to Anderson which isn't too far thank goodness... 
but Anne is moving all the way to Columbia!! 

Life is full of changes and adventures and I'm happy she is off to find some of her own 
but of course we will miss her! To celebrate the "see you later" we went out for some beer and pizza and I chose 
Magic Hat #9 and a Pimento Cheese Pizza which of course made me all happy inside!!!! 
It was a hot but beautiful night and of course the fab6 had a fabulous night like always!

Anne, have a safe trip to the State Capital, good luck and I will see you later! 

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