oh, happy days.

July 9, 2012

Let’s be honest…. I’m beyond ready for vacation. 
The weekend went by WAY too fast and of course this week is going to draaaaag. Torture.
I’m just hoping that once I’m in paradise the clock will stay slow.
Maybe. Hopefully!

I can’t complain though. Last week was one of the happiest weeks!!
Being a girlfriend to a boyfriend that is actually in town is a wonderful thing. Lunch dates almost every day and a couple hot yoga classes with the man of your dreams does all kinds of things to a girl’s heart. It’s the little things.
But now he has flown off again. And I’m here in Greenville in my normal routine which isn’t bad, 
but when compared to last week… hmmph. Well, it’s just not as great!  

Watching movies and enjoying cuddle time on the couch
Random steak and wine date nights
Tasting the delicious Oktoberfest homebrew and pretending I was sitting by a warm fire on a Fall night
Yummy Saturday morning breakfast with my long lost girlfriend, Madison

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