you knew it was coming....

July 25, 2012

I’m back and let me tell you, it was wonderful!!!
I’m going to try and not extend days of posts about all the fun adventures over the past week but its going to be hard! Just one or two and I’ll be finished…. I promise!

St. Maarten is such a beautiful place and with the gorgeous water and perfect mountains framing every picture I completely fell in love. Every shot looked like a postcard that didn’t completely do the view justice. With the low poverty areas and the super friendly people I couldn’t help but feel more blessed every single day. 

I’m also extremely thankful to not only have a wonderful best friend and boyfriend but in addition have friendships within his family. I had such a great time creating memories and growing closer to such important people!

The Lord is such a gracious Father and I could constantly feel His love throughout this trip. He made Himself known in the small and big things, which is one of my most favorite parts about His love.

I can't believe it's Wednesday already! This week is flying by and I'm pretty excited about a weekend at home. After all, one of the best perks of a vacation is how thankful you are when you are home sweet home! I guess I will end with the good news.... I have tan lines and I'm pretty darn proud of them. Just sayin'.

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