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July 10, 2012

and I say it’s all right little darling! 

With the awesome spray tan I got over the weekend (and one more this weekend – 3 for $30 deal on Groupon! What, what?!?) I don’t feel as pressured to bake in the sun on my pending vacation.  I honestly try to protect my skin as much as possible since I don’t really “tan” anyways. Either burn or freckle… I’m used to it.

It also helps that I have a “Sun Police” as a boyfriend… protective in an understatement but he has seen what happens when I forget to reapply sunscreen or I say I’m fine,  I’m not even burning…. 
then hours later I’m on the verge of tears in pain.
Yep, I think I have learned my lesson and I can handle the sunshine as a mature adult woman. Protection is the key!! I’ve also accepted the fact that I will be the fairest of them all… just call me the red headed Snow White on this trip. Once again… I’m used to it.  

So this adult woman has stocked up on the amazing Aveeno SPF 55, some cute cover-ups just in case and my favorite hat. It’s going to be pretty awesome.

also, note from above from here!

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Anonymous said...

I burn really easily too... it's frustrating. And protection is definitely key, especially if we want our skin to look good in twenty years!
Where did you go for the spray tan? Do you like it?

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