Prayers for a Friend!

July 29, 2011

My beautiful friend Madison left at 5:30 AM this morning for Nicaragua.
I asked her to send me some specific prayer requests for when she is gone.  I wanted to know exactly what she was needing so I can make her job a little easier.  With her permission I'm going to share her requests so that all you wonderful people could pray with me!  

Below are the requests that Madison gave me....
1) That we would walk confidently in the power of the holy spirit in us and in our armor in Eph 6. I feel so strongly that often we don't see miraculous things because we are afraid to access the power that is already in us through the Holy Spirit. We are praying for big things and want to merely be conductors of the Holy Spirits power and the Fathers love for his kids. 

2) That love would radiate from us in a way that the people we encounter have never seen before. We want to not only bless the kids, but the staff of the organization we are working with. We want to wear ourselves out so that they can have a little bit of a break. 

3) For protection over the Enemy's attempts to distract us and thwart what Father wants to accomplish with us while we are there. He has already done things to attempt distraction as we lead up to the trip, and I can only assume they will get more forceful as we leave. He will attack us in our weaknesses because he feels he can get an easy hit there but He will also attack us in our strengths because he is intimidated by them. Please pray that we are constantly aware of his punches and we do not let him distract us. He has no victory, and we are not going to pretend like he does by letting him get the best of us. We do not walk in a spirit of fear, but of power, love and sound mind. 

I hope all of you that read this will take some time to say a few prayers as well.  We are all God's children and that makes us a family.  Madison is my Sister in Christ and I'm so incredibly proud to say that.  I love you, Maddie!!!

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