yoga, a bloody mary, movie and a night out!

July 25, 2011

Saturday was such a perfect day!  I had a full day of Sauce+Sass time!  For those of you don't know that's Jocie and I.  She's "Sauce" and I'm "Sass"... we are awesome. 

First thing Saturday morning we met downtown at 9AM for Yoga in the Park

It was awesome... they do it every week and its so nice!  The heat wasn't even an issue since it was so early and the area for yoga is in the shade of the trees and by the water so the breeze is nice.  It was fun... there were a few giggles between Jocie and I when the crazy yoga lady did all these insane moves but it was a great workout which is all that matters.  Definitely going to go again....

After the yoga we walked through the Farmers Market and ended up at Green Room for some brunch and it was delicious as always.  And of course I can't have brunch with out a refreshing Bloody Mary!!  

Ahhhh, yum.

Then we relaxed while watching a movie... Friends with Benefits.  

Very funny movie... definitely enjoyed it

We also went to the Saturday Night service at Grace Church for the first time.  It was great to enjoy church and then have time for dinner downtown with friends and still have the chance to go to church at Crossroads with Madison on Sunday morning.  I'm going to try and do that more on the weekends... makes the weekend a lot happier! :) 

The ladies at The Trappe Door

After church a group of friends got together to see Kelli since she was in town!  It was CRAZY busy there and extremely hot... for the first time I didn't enjoy it much.  I guess that's what happens when everyone finds out about the new hot spot in town.  Having a large group probably didn't help either but spending time with friends was worth it!  

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