Morning Happy Time

July 28, 2011

We all have those mornings where we are grouchy.... driving to work, wishing we were home in bed.  Or running late and stuck behind a big truck that's behind a school bus that's behind a grandma.... on a 2 lane road.  Yup, it happens at least once a week for me but I have found my new Morning Happy Music.  I recently bought the new Passion CD and I'm in love with it.  ALL the songs are so great but I've definitely found my favorite.  It brings a smile to my face and I can't help but singing (very) loudly and beat on my steering wheel.  I have to start my morning drive with this song. :) 

Once you click to play the video it will give you the link for it on YouTube. 
Go buy the CD now... you won't regret it! 

Tomorrow is Friday!!!! 
High five!

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