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July 17, 2011

Well, I haven't had a "Weekend Highlights" post in a long time!!  I think it's time to fix that.... So, here we go! 

Friday was a CRAZY busy day which also meant that I did not take a lunch break.  I did pick up a sandwich and soup but scarfed that down while working away at my desk.  It was nice to stay busy though and luckily at 5PM I was walking out the door straight across the street to Carolina Ale House!  We got a spot on the second floor right by the open window.  With the odd weather lately we had to close the window since it was so chilly... I couldn't believe it.  I almost needed a jacket.  I definitely enjoyed my new fave beer, the Highland Oatmeal Porter! 

Mmmmm.... YUM

After we were finished with dinner Madison and I went to 32 Degrees on Augusta Road.... 
aaaaaamazing!  It was so much fun! 

Yea, you should try it.  asap.

I filled mine with White Chocolate Mousse and Espresso Yogurt and topped it with sliced almonds, granola, mini peanut butter cups, a sprinkle of sprinkles and fresh raspberries!  Oh my... it made me so happy! 


On Saturday I got to spend the afternoon with Katie Ayer... lunch and some shopping but sadly didn't find anything worth buying.  We did however finalize the bridesmaid dresses so that was a success!  That night Madison and I went to see Harry Potter.  LOVED IT!  It really was so great, I'm not going to lie... I got a little teary eyed at the end.  I'm such a girl. 

Today was a fabulous day!  It really makes a difference when you wake up at at 8 for the 9:15 service instead of sleeping till 10 and scrambling to the 11:15 service.  You really miss half of your day!  I had time to get ready, sip on some coffee, praise my Jesus, eat some lunch, shop at the mall, lunch (At Trappe Door, eeek!!) with Mom and Madison, relax on the couch, watch a movie (Love & Other Drugs, SO GOOD) and now write this blog!  ALL before 10 PM.  Awesome!  Such a productive day... & here's a picture of the fun stuff I got at the mall, tons of sample goodies! 

Can't wait to use them all tomorrow :) 

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