it's April?

April 5, 2011

I can’t believe that we are already in the 4th month of this year!!!  It just baffles me at how FAST time has gone by.  My mom always told me…

 “Just wait till you are older, time will go by so fast you won’t even realize it”
…and I never believed her until the past couple of years. 

I mean, I’m TWENTY FOUR… when did that happen? 
Its 2011… what the heck!?! 
I’ve been dating Peter for 3 YEARS this July… HOLY COW! 
Its just insane how fast time flies by! 

BUT, I do love change.  I totally embrace it!! 

It makes me think of this quote from Dawson’s Creek:
“I used to be afraid of so many things, that I'd never grow up, that I'd be trapped in the same place for all eternity… that my dreams would forever be shy of my reach.  It’s true what they say, time plays tricks on you.  One day you’re dreaming the next your dream has become your reality and now that the scared little girl no longer follows me wherever I go, I miss her.  I do, because there are things that I want to tell her… to relax, to lighten up, that it is all going to be okay.  I want her to know that meeting people who like you, who understand you, who actually except you for who you are will become an increasingly rare occurrence Jen, Jack, Audrey, Andie, Pacey and Dawson, these people who contributed to who I am.  They are with me where ever I go and as history gets rewritten in small ways with each passing day my love for them only grows, because the truth is it was the best of times.  Mistakes were made, hearts were broken, harsh lessons learned, but all that has receded into fond memory now.  How does it happen?  Why are we so quick to forget the bad and romanticize the good?  Maybe it's because we need to believe that the time we spent together actually meant something.  That we were there for each other in a time in our lives that defined us all.  That time in our lives that we will never forget. I can't swear that's exactly how it happened, but this is how it felt.”

GOSH, I miss that show.  It was so good.  Of course the people that were there for me aren’t named Jen, Jack, Audrey, Andie, Pacey, and Dawson but you get the idea. 

Life sneaks up on you and I’m thankful for those who helped me through it!  You know who you are… and you know I love you!

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