Dog Days...

April 3, 2011

"Dog Days" are the hottest, most sultry days of summer. says Wikipedia.....
The weather was perfect this weekend, not hot but just enough warmth from the sun with a cool breeze to keep the temperature perfect.  Dog days for me means that most of my weekend consisted of sitting on the couch with my lovable pup.  

Isn't she adorable???  I absolutely love all 6 pounds of her!  She kept me company since Peter is in Cancun and my Mom is in Charleston.  

Why did I not go to Cancun you ask....?  Well, I only have 3 weeks of vacation including sick time so I didn't think it was a wise decision to use a full weeks vacation this early in the year.  I always try and save a week for the day after Christmas so I can visit Peter and his whole family in NJ.  I didn't have the chance to do that this past Christmas and I said I wouldn't let that happen again.  I missed it very much!  
Also, the sun in Cancun is very intense and the last time I went to Cancun I was completely murdered by the sun the first day which meant I had to spend the rest of the vacation sitting in the room covered in aloe.  With my delicate fair skin and my history with Cancun I didn't think it was the best option for me to go.  So, of course I will be missing him till Saturday when he comes home! 

My mom went to Charleston to support a friend that ran the Cooper River Run so she won't be home till after the weekend.  I miss her too since usually whenever Peter is gone somewhere we always use that time for some Mom/Daughter fun.  I'm happy she had a girls weekend away though, she deserves some fun!! 

Anyways... thats why I spent a Saturday night at home, watching a movie and sipping on some hot tea with my sweet Bella.  She is a wonderful lap dog, especially when I'm a little down.  She can sense it.  It also didn't help that I left my phone in my office at work.  I couldn't have picked a worse weekend to do that since I don't have ANY way of contacting people except for Facebook.  The last time I left my phone at work it wasn't a huge deal since I had my mom's phone or Peter's phone if I needed to talk to someone.  Thank God for Facebook or else I would have been completely cut off.  

Thanks to some messaging back and forth with my wonderful friend Madison we made plans to go downtown at Mary's Cottage for brunch today.  It was so wonderful to spend some time with her and catch up on all the fun in our lives.  Her sweet friend Laura came to meet us as well.  Unfortunately we weren't able to sit outside to eat but our quiet table upstairs was acceptable.  The food was amazing, conversation was great and the coffee was very much needed after a night of tossing and turning.  Now I'm back home with the pup again, planning on spending tonight the same why I spent last night.  

Relaxing.  Cuddled up with a blanket and Bella.  Sipping on some tea.  Watching TV.  Painting my nails.  Reading my Bible.  All the wonderful things you can do when you have a night alone. 
& because I love my mother I'm going to straighten the house up tonight so her arrival home tomorrow will be welcoming!  

Hope everyone had a relaxing, calm weekend as well.... just with your phone by your side.  ;) 

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