Goals // 6.17

June 5, 2017

I'm back, and I'm trying to keep up the normal posts around here!! I've missed it so much, but I haven't had the energy or desire to sit down and type anything lately. So... we'll see how June goes, but I'm hoping things will be a little easier! 

May Goals
1 // spend more time outside with Solomon - I'm trying my best to spend more time with him outside but the heat is really bothering me in this first trimester. I get so nauseous and over heated very easy. I try and go to the park or out and about early in the morning before it's blazing. Thankfully Peter has been spending a lot of time with him in the garden and back yard. 
2 // learn more about essential oils - I'm actually bought this book and I'm excited to start reading it and learning which oils are best for this pregnancy and for our life in general with Solomon and a new baby on the way. I can tell a huge difference in Solomon's sleep since I've been using the lavender oil on the regular in his room. 
3 // organize Solomon's room and clothing - moving this down to the next month because I didn't even try to accomplish this during the past month.
4 // finish our entire house zone cleaning schedule - ha. How about I just try and keep the house clean and use the cleaning schedule that I was so great with in the first place. I'm telling ya, this pregnancy has been so much harder on me. I thought I was nauseous with Solomon but I just laugh thinking back to how easy it was with him. I thought the nausea was ending early (around 10 weeks) like the last time but it seems to be creeping back in. 

June Goals
1 // uhhh.... actually blog some
2 // get this house back in order
3 // organize Solomon's room and clothing

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