daddy's day.

June 20, 2017

Father's Day was a good day for us! We went to church, Solomon had an epic nap while Peter and I watched an episode of House of Cards, and then we went to the new brewery in town so daddy could have a beer. It was a hot and beautiful day, and  13 Stripes was such a beautiful spot to spend the afternoon. Solomon and I are so lucky to have Peter to take care of us, so the least we could do is buy him a beer! 

One of the things that I love most about Peter as a father, is how he uses every chance possible, to teach Solomon something. And it's even cuter how he doesn't make everything boring when he's doing it, he is a fun dad. I knew he would be, cause he is the most fun husband and friend, but seeing him as a dad makes me so darn happy. We really are lucky to have him!!

We love you, Peter!!! 

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