beach weekend.

June 6, 2017

We were so thankful and excited when my mom invited us for a trip to the beach on Memorial Day Weekend. It was a short weekend but a sweet one. I was honestly a little hesitant to take an almost five hour drive for just a short three day trip, but I was so glad it was worth it. Thankfully, with Gigi in the back seat with Solomon, he didn't get too bored and had a great nap on the way there and back. We definitely have a beach boy on our hands, so he was on cloud nine the entire time. 

I didn't get my big camera out much since the sand and all the water made me a little nervous, but when we went out for dinner, I decided to get a little dressed up and take some pictures. We did our announcement pictures but there were several more I wanted to share. The lighting was so perfect and it was such a pretty night. 

We are excited to head back to the beach with my mom again in September! 
Thanks again for the invite, Mom, we had a great time!!!

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