Christmas 2016.

January 2, 2017

Our Christmas was so much fun this year! It was the second year for Solomon but the first that he actually cared about what was going on. Opening gifts are one of his favorite things now, and it was so much fun to enjoy Christmas morning with him. We got home from my grandma's on Christmas eve and helped Santa set up everything for our little man. We decided to do three gifts from Santa.... something he needs, something he wants, and something to read. I thought this would be a fun way for our kidos to get three new surprises but also keep up with this tradition and not go overboard. Daddy and Momma also bought one gift and wrapped it for under the tree. 

NEED // table and chairs  WANT //dog (we also used the puppy Gigi bought Solomon as an extra prop!)  

His stocking was also full of squishies and oranges!
Making Christmas morning breakfast is one of my favorite things!
I really look forward to it, hanging out in our PJs and enjoying some food with my mom.

The excitement for my new camera made Solomon equally excited! haha, it was so cute!!! Then he started to cry when I wouldn't let him play with it. So, Peter opened his new sweater that I bought him and tried to act as excited as he could so Solomon would want it. Didn't work that well... but it was a funny moment! 

the best gift of all.... bubble wrap! ;) 
Hope you all had a wonderful christmas & happy new year!!!

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