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January 13, 2017

After weeks of busy events and traveling and having family stay with us, things are back to normal, and I can't believe it's already Friday! I woke up today thinking it was Wednesday. I'm planning to spend most of this weekend cleaning and organizing this crazy house. As most first few days in January, we have been talking about the plans and goals for our family. Vacations, tweaking our budget, little changes and all those sorts of things. Decluttering and simplifying our home is a big one for me! I want to be able to feel together and less stressed in 2017. Making more time for quiet times with the Lord and the family he has given me, not constantly buying new things and stuffing junk away in a cabinet in case I might need it. Simplify, that's my goal for this year! 

Painting with my sweet nephew after breakfast!

Trying out a new lunch spot with a friend and talking about grownup things, like family, school options for our boys, and their sleeping habits. 

Quiet fridays with early naps and burtsbees pjs!

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