family time.

January 9, 2017

The week of Christmas was one of the best weeks for us since Peter was home from work all week. Stay-cations are amazing with a baby! Every morning I got to sleep in while Peter took Solomon downstairs to make coffee and hang out with him. I definitely got a little spoiled, and so did Solomon. The first time Peter left after spending so much time at home with us was quite a mess! You would have thought Peter was leaving forever. Poor guy, he loves his daddy so much, and so do I! Now that the holidays are officially over and things are falling back into place after the busy weekends and family in town, I look back at that week of Christmas and I want to do it over again! It was so nice to not have a schedule and enjoy family time, park dates and show Peter little bits of our stay at home life together while he's normally away at work. Having him around really does make things sweeter! 

At one point at the park, while Solomon was running around like a wild child, Peter looked up and realized the tree had mistletoe hanging in it. Of course that called for some kissy pictures! 

snacks and an open field to run around, living the life!

More park dates and lazy weeks with daddy around are a must, please! 

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