Solomon // sixteen months.

January 23, 2017

I'm behind on this 16 month post because of the nasty Hand Foot & Mouth disease that took over our house. I'm so happy that things are back to normal and Solomon is feeling better. It really came out of nowhere. These pictures above were actually taken on the day it all started... He was a happy boy all day, took a great nap, and then around dinner time he had a temp of 103. I'm so thankful that his case wasn't as bad as some, we really only had one bad night, and after a couple of days everything was back to normal. Very thankful for that. Solomon's personality is continuing to make me laugh and also test my patience daily. It's crazy how much he makes me smile every day.

  • saying night night instead of bye bye now before bed! His blowing kisses are getting really good, too! 
  • can identify a kitty and duck now, still working on the sounds they make.
  • started timeout and he understands what we mean when we warn him that he will be in timeout if he does something wrong. 80% of the time he decides to behave and not test us. 
  • loves praying before eating and before bed, he even reminds us by clasping his hands together and smiling at us. The sweetest thing!!! Also says amen when we are done.
  • spent a lot of time with cousins at Christmas and the New year without any problems. I'm so thankful that his attitude and sharing is better now. I was worried he was going to be a bit of a bully for a couple of months!
  • thanks to the Amazon commercial with the hippo song, Solomon is obsessed. Anytime we turn it on he stops whatever he is doing to dance and clap... I die every time. It has also stopped several car meltdowns. 
  • he loves jumping off of things with both feet. Peter jokes and says that he's going to be on that ninja warrior show one day. He jumps off of a box in the living room that's two feet tall and lands on his feet almost every time. Such a monkey!!

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