Pregnancy Post // month seven.

June 23, 2015

into my third trimester and onto my eighth month....
how is this happening?!?

Weeks 25 - 28

Some questions we've been asked

how are you seven months // a lot of people have asked this question and I guess it can be confusing since a lot of women use the nine month guideline for pregnancy but I decided to use the 10 month guide since that is really more accurate.
The 10 month guide says:
Month 1 = weeks 1-4 (when you are really not pregnant at all since this is based off of your last cycle)
Month 2 = weeks 5-8
Month 3 = weeks 9-12
Month 4 = weeks 13-16
Month 5 = weeks 17-20
Month 6 = weeks 21-24
Month 7 = weeks 25-28
Month 8 = weeks 29-32
Month 9 = weeks 33-36
Month 10 (full term) = weeks 37-40
I also love the fact that my midwife group will allow me to go to week 43 before intervening with any type of medicine to push this baby along. Most first time moms will go into natural labor between 41-42 weeks but I'm hoping Solomon will want to come earlier than that!!

are you having him in the hospital, or at home // well, neither. I was 100% preparing to have Solomon at the hospital with the Midwife Team but now that their birthing center (across the street from the hospital) is open, I will be having him there, as long as all goes as planned! I'm very excited for the experience of laboring at home with Peter and our doula, then heading to the BEAUTIFUL birth center once things start progressing. The rooms are spacious with a big bed, shower and birthing tub. We will learn more about the birthing center at the orientation session next month. 


socalledhomemaker said...

You look great!

CassieEliya said...

Thanks!!! :) Feeling great so far!

Lauren Foster said...

Love these bumpdates! Looking fabulous!

CassieEliya said...

Thank you!!! :)

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