Girls Night and Dancing.

November 20, 2014

No, we did not go to a club to dance. We did something so much better.... happy hour (five dolla drinks, holla!) at High Cotton in downtown Greenville which included the best shrimp and grits in all the land. Then we walked to the Peace Center for some dessert and a little bubbly before watching the amazing dancers from So You Think You Can Dance. We seriously felt like 16 year old girls in High School again. It was so much fun!

It was so nice meeting a new friend, 
and stealing this picture she took with her phone!
Thanks, Lexie!!

The dances were even better live and you could tell they had perfected every single move during the tour. It was so neat to see my season favorites (Jessica & Zack) perform right in front of my eyes! Our seats were great (10th ROW!) and we screamed like little girls at all the amazing moves. It was really awesome to see my favorite performances from the year live also. (This one & this one, since I know you are interested... oh, and this one made me cry, it was so beautiful!) It was a great night and now I'm even more excited about season 12!

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