7 Things You [Maybe] Didn't Know About Me // One Lovely Blog Award

November 26, 2014

I was nominated by my sweet friend, Cassie from Sage the Blog for the
One lovely blog award! Thanks for the love!!!
Here are seven things about me that you might not know....

1//  I really love celebrity gossip, and I really wish I didn't. 
E!News is one of my favorite shows.

2//  I get really hyper before going to sleep for some strange reason?
Peter really doesn't understand it.

3// I'm not a huge fan of breakfast, I hardly ever want it.

4// I love to entertain because service is one of my top two love languages.

5// but my first love language is gifts, not expensive gifts - 
just little cards or even a cup of tea without asking for it.

6// speaking of cards, I could spend hours in a card shop looking through every single card.

7// I completely ignored my husband when I met him for the first time, it wasn't until our second meeting that he caught my attention.

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Bailey Jean // BRAVE LOVE
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Bethany // LOVE BURTS


Cassie Lee said...

Yay! Thanks for participating! It's funny you ignored Peter the first time. M ignored me for a month hahahaha

Kiki said...

Thanks for the tag! I've already shared this with you, but I LOVE any blog post that lets me get to know a blogger better--especially random facts like this that wouldn't normally come up in everyday conversation. :)

And I LOVE cards, too! I'm a huge fan of snail mail and just spent a good amount of time in Target's card and stationery section looking for cards. :)

CassieEliya said...

Thanks for the chance!! :) It was fun!
seriously... a whole month?!? crazy man!

CassieEliya said...

Snail mail is the best!!! Target cards are the best too, and so cheap!

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