Hello, 2013!

After a few days with a sick fiancé it was pretty exciting to get dressed up and have a memorable New Years Eve! I was thankful that he was feeling better so we could enjoy the night & I could also enjoy a New Years kiss! Let me tell ya, after 4 days of no kisses it was a real treat. Peter’s sister and brother in law hosted the party thanks to the snow delaying a house warming party a couple nights before. It was everything a New Years party should have been - fun, loud, party hats, noise makers, lots of food and one particular auntie banging a stainless steel spoon and pot together… you know, the normal for an Eliya New Years Eve.

I'm secretly hoping that next year we will have a big New Years party at our first home... seriously crossing my fingers because that would be so much fun! I'll be working on that pinterest board now just in case.


Lady Apple said...

yes, do it!!! :) and i'm totally coming...invited or not :D hahaha

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