Christmas in January

January 16, 2013

With the Christmas and New Years constantly staying busy it’s hard to squeeze in a little girl time and honestly, Girl Time is important! So, we’ve started to make a tradition where we exchange gifts & have dinner and drinks after December has already passed us by. Honestly, I think it’s brilliant. Save a little Christmas fun for mid January, heck yea, why not?!?

It’s also fun to find that a lot of my Christmas gifts this year were very “I’m going to be a wife really soon” kind of gifts. I gladly packed up my adorable apron from Katie along with my cute spice jar and ornament from Jocie until I’m a married woman. My little stash of stuff is really growing and I’m so excited to save it! It makes me do a little happy dance when I think about unpacking all the fun things I’ve collected over the last several months later on this year. It’s surreal for sure but also so very, very wonderful!!!

**Thanks to Jocie and her self timing camera for the picture of the three of us above. Thank God for technology! and for wonderful friends!! :)

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